About Me

Andrea is a devoted student that loves learning. She is heading into her fourth year of university at Western in the fall. She is a part of the International Relations program, an interdisciplinary program that fuses together history and political sciences. It falls under the Social Sciences faculty. Andrea looks forward to being able to call herself a social scientist upon graduation.

Internship Placement and Partner

Andrea is in Mwanza, Tanzania, working with Mikono Yetu. Mikono Yetu is a non-profit organization that works with women and youth, advocating for equal access to resources, education, and skill-building. She will develop tools for researching, analyzing, and sharing untold stories of women who have been economically empowered and given greater opportunities by Kivulini Women’s Rights/Mikono Yetu. She will also help to plan and promote a fundraising event for an interactive Women’s Museum, with hopes to raise funds for a structure.


Internship Goals

The goals of this internship is to foster healthy relationships as we partner with the WHE partners in Mwanza. Andrea hopes to complete the research that is required of her both efficiently and with detail, as well as successfully plan and promote a fundraiser for the Interactive Women’s Museum. Above all else, however, Andrea hopes to learn from this experience and take away valuable lessons that one can only gain from leaping out of their comfort zone. She hopes to experience culture shock, homesickness, feelings of helplessness, and even hysteria. She then hopes to overcome these feelings in order to become an effective, conscientious, and compassionate global citizen with broadened perspectives and a love for Mwanza. Andrea will also complete a women’s studies course credit during her time in East Africa.